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Design 10 - Heritage Cowl in stunning 5-colour design

This is one of the oldest Fair Isle patters and uses 5 colours. There are two very large motifs set in an ever-changing variety of smaller patterns.

Approx 48cm circumference x 25.5cm

100% superfine merino

£198.00 (inc VAT)  £165.00 (ex VAT)

Customer Reviews

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Ann Cullen
Love my cowl.

Just received my cowl and absolutely love it. Gorgeous design inside and out. I more often than not wear a cowl over the colder months and have done over many years. This is amazingly soft and comfortable, you completely forget that you are wearing it, to the stage I suddenly find myself getting hot as I have forgotten to take it off when I come in from outside as it’s so comfortable. My always to buy for the future item, did I mention it looks stunning too.

Thank you, Ann, for this kind review. The unique reversible Fair Isle fabric is certainly useful - and excellent value for money - two cowls for the price of one! :)
We look forward to seeing you back in the shop when you're looking for presents to send dear friends.

Shetland feeling

Das ist nicht der erste „Cowl“, den ich für meine Familie und mich bestellt habe.
Alle wollen ihn haben. Gerade jetzt in der Pandemie Zeit ist er eine willkommene Ergänzung für den Herbst und Winter. Ich trage ihn über dem Mund Nasenschutz um diesen vor Wind und Regen zu schützen. Und fühle mich so noch sicherer. Gleichzeitig geben die „ Cowls“ mit ihren wunderbaren Farben und Mustern dem ganzen ein gutes und modisches Aussehen.
Unabhängig davon, sind die „Cowls“ für mich aus dem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken. Sie halten mollig warm und schützen einen vor Wind und Wetter. Seit 2017 kenne ich Bakka.
Und ich bin immer wieder begeistert.
Ob Schal, Handgelenkswärmer oder Decke.
Alle Artikel sind sehr willkommene Geschenke für die ganze Familie.
Und für mich sind sie noch mehr. Nämlich Shetland feeling pur!
Danke Bakka.

That's a lovely review, Lolle, many thanks for taking the time. We are delighted that your whole family is enjoying the gentle warmth of BAKKA products, and are particularly pleased that you are wearing our cowls as additional protection over your nose and mouth during the COVID pandemic.
Here is the German translation from google:
This is not the first “cowl” I've ordered for my family and myself. Everyone wants him. Right now in the pandemic time it is a welcome addition for autumn and winter. I wear it over my mouth to protect my nose from wind and rain. And so I feel even safer. At the same time, the 'cowls' with their wonderful colors and patterns give the whole thing a good and fashionable look. Regardless of that, the “cowls” have become an integral part of everyday life for me. They keep you cozy and warm and protect you from wind and weather. I've known Bakka since 2017. And I am always excited. Whether scarf, wrist warmer or blanket. All items are very welcome gifts for the whole family. And for me they are even more. Namely pure Shetland feeling! Thanks Bakka.