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Visit BAKKA 2021

Visits by prior appointment only please.

Visitors to Shetland are advised to take a COVID test before travelling from the mainland, and again after 3-5 days, and I trust you will follow these procedures.

The workshop space is closed to visitors for personal reasons this year and I will use my mobile shop, the BAKKA van, to show you my work either outside or in the large well-aired downstairs part of the shed below the workshop. 

To plan a visit, please email, or phone +(44)7771391359 and leave a message.

To make your visit more efficient, please take time to browse BAKKA's current textile collection before visiting.

The online shop is open 24/7 as always.

Thank you for your understanding.

Visit Bakka

You can also make arrangements to view the small flock of coloured Shetland sheep with their black lambs without viewing the textile collections. And depending on the time of year, you might see some uncommon wildflowers blooming and hear and see a good variety of RSPB red and amber listed birds.

How to find Bakka: