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We would love to see you here at BAKKA, and can tailor your visit to suit your needs.

Visit Bakka

We have two standard options.

Knitwear Only

Here you will visit BAKKA's workshop and see the current knitwear collection.

Longer Visit with Knitwear Talk and Photos of Sheep

It is possible to plan a longer visit. In the workshop, you will learn about Mary Macgregor's book "Fair Isle Knitting Patterns - Reproducing the Known Work of Robert Williamson", why it was written and how the patterns are organised. You will see photos of the inspiration behind all of BAKKA's knitwear designs, and learn about our goals and aspirations; what we are trying to achieve by operating this business.

Outside, you will have a chance to see and photograph the small flock of pure Shetland sheep which live and breed at Bakka. And depending on the time of year, you might also see some uncommon wildflowers blooming and hear and see a good variety of RSPB red and amber listed birds.


All visits are by appointment only. If you would like to plan a visit, please email us at, or phone +(44)1595 780087 and leave a message.

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