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BAKKA is a Fair Isle knitwear venture located at Bakka, Shetland, a remote peaceful croft surrounded by outstanding natural beauty. All creative design and finishing is carried out here.

BAKKA's aim is to promote and help preserve the tradition and cultural heritage of a uniquely Shetland product: Fair Isle knitwear. BAKKA's garments are a modernisation of traditional Fair Isle knitwear. Only the oldest 'heritage' patterns and traditional colours are used, but the chosen yarn is not Shetland wool. Instead, BAKKA uses luxury 100% extra-fine merino yarn. The resulting garments, the principal collection of BAKKA accessories, are silky soft, durable and affordable.




BAKKA thanks the Shetland Islands Council for a Start-Up Grant which supported the production of the first collection and also HIE and Emergents Creatives for further grant funding support.
Special thanks to the models - Rhea, Sally and Joe.

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