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First I would like to extend my sincere thanks to those of you who bought lace work during Shetland Wool Week recently. The money the knitters earned is much appreciated and they asked me to thank you.

The pieces here are all in Shetland 2ply except the rust shawl which is Shetland 4ply. 

The stoles and natural coloured shawls were all knitted by a 93 year-old woman who seems to draw courage to continue to live through her knitting. Long may it last! But all the same, whether you are thinking of a future family heirloom, or a piece for special events, please do realise that there are fewer and fewer knitters of Shetland lace in Shetland who are prepared to knit for sale, and once these ladies are no longer able, it will be very difficult to find authentic Shetland lace-work MADE IN SHETLAND on the market.

The rust coloured 4-ply shawl is the very last shawl you will see from this 89 year-old knitter. She is no longer able.

NB - There is FREE SHIPPING for all knitwear on BAKKA's website.

The photos are amateur, taken by ipad, and I have tried to get consistency in the colour. Please email if you would like any more photos and I will do my best.

Thank you all very much for your interest. Happy browsing.