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Design 1 - Heritage Scarf in 5-colour landmark design

The contemporary version of a well-loved Fair Isle design, this scarf has 5-colours. One side of the scarf looks just like the classic design, but the colour inversion on the reverse gives it that modern feel.

The pattern suits all ages and skin types: it really is a safe bet!

Complete your look with a pair of wristwarmers, W1.

100% superfine merino.

 Approx size cms: 168.5 x 28

£432.00 (inc VAT)  £360.00 (ex VAT)

Customer Reviews

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I love this scarf!

I bought this scarf at a craft fair in Shetland. When I walked past the Bakka display I was entranced with the designs. Then I felt the scarves which are wonderfully soft and supple, smooth to the touch on both sides and very warm though light. I came to Shetland because I love the knitwear patterns and now can happily sit and just stare at the vast variety of traditional patterns on the scarf, appreciating the research that went into the its design. The scarf is a great size for wrapping up for warmth and for displaying the designs and receives many compliments. Thank you!

Kind words, Heidi. Gratefully appreciated :) Knitters love this design, especially the 2-colour version which is easier to decipher.
And I'm pleased that you recognise the quality of the yarn.
Keep warm in BAKKA! Mary

Scarf lady
Beautiful scarf.

The colours and patterns reminded me of an original Fair Isle scarf I had, which dated back to WW2. The wool is wonderfully warm, for wild, wintry weather. It is good that the tradition is bring carried on, and it's so important to support small businesses. Shetland is a special place, and Bakka knitwear reflects that?

Thank you, scarf lady, for writing this. We are delighted to read that our contemporary classic design reminds you of one you once owned, and it is probably very similar. Our colours replicate the old natural colours. The difference, of course, is that your BAKKA scarf is made in 100% superfine merino and not Shetland wool as your original one would have been, and that we work in our reversible Fair Isle fabric which gives such wonderful colour inversion on the back. Thank you for supporting our small business.