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Design 1 - 2-colour Regular Scarf in landmark design

This is a 2-colour adaptation of our 5-colour landmark Fair Isle scarf where the motifs vary all over the scarf. It's the truly classic 2-colour Fair Isle scarf, perfect if you want to be authentic without too much colour.

And because of the sheer number of old motifs which are so easy to read, this really is a "must-have" for all Fair Isle knitters!

Approximate size cms: 165 x 25

100% superfine merino

SOLD OUT in both white/blue and white/Shetland black. (Model photos are only to show size.) Please see the larger version. 

£180.00 (inc VAT)  £150.00 (ex VAT)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shetland feeling

Wir haben Bakka 2017 kennengelernt.
Und sind seitdem treue Fans.
Die Schals ,die „Cowls“, die Handgelenkswärmer.
Aus unserem Alltag vom frühen Herbst bis ins späte Frühjahr nicht mehr wegzudenken.
Und manchmal tragen wir die Schals oder „ Cowls“ sogar an kühlen Sommerabenden.
Wunderbare Farben und tolle Muster.
Shetland Tradition in der man sich wohlfühlt.
Das ist Shetland feeling.

You are one of our long term customers, Lolle, and your loyalty speaks volumns. Thank you very much for this review.
Here is the English translation from google:
We met Bakka in 2017. And have been loyal fans ever since. The scarves, the 'cowls', the wrist warmers. It is impossible to imagine our everyday life from early autumn to late spring without it. And sometimes we even wear the scarves or “cowls” on cool summer evenings. Wonderful colors and great patterns. Shetland tradition that makes you feel good. That is Shetland feeling.

Joanna West
Blue scarf

I LOVE this scarf!!! I bought it in 2019 while
visiting Shetland Isles, and am so glad that I did! I wore it last winter, and received many compliments on it! Also, it is so very comfortable with it's nice, smooth merino wool. The blue color is glorious and the pattern seems to go with EVERYTHING!! I really enjoyed meeting the owner of the company, as a special treat!! What a great memory!!

We are delighted that your scarf is receiving many compliments, Joanna, and that it suits all your outfits. It's a pattern which does seem to work with everyone and everything.
And we are pleased you enjoyed talking to Mary on her stall. Thank you for this kind review.

Jason Boon
The best

Soft merino,ancient original fair-isle pattern! I love this scarf! Been wearing the whole winter,this is a scarf for life!

Thank you, Jason. So glad you're happy! We use 'cashwool', the world's best 100% superfine merino, and the patterns are some of the oldest recorded.

Paula Flynn
Cheering scarf

The clear colours of this scarf make a bold statement, when worn with my blue jacket - a perfect match!
A very cheering scarf, guaranteed to make you smile.

Pleased you like the blue, Paula! The yarn is very smooth, which makes the pattern clear and distinct.