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UPDATE - Knitting Patterns K6

BAKKA is sorry to announce that the printers of these patterns appear to have closed without notice. There will be an inevitable delay while we will find suitable alternative printers. So for those of you impatient to start knitting this hat, we have decided to sell it for the time being printed ourselves. The cost will be £5 instead of the usual £7 for the pattern alone, and a £2 discount on the kit prices (prices include shipping worldwide). 



K06, small, top left photo, K16, medium, top right photo, K26, large, bottom left. Colours for kits are madder/sholmit (shown), flax/ivy or Shetland black/natural white (see instagram feed on HOME page for photos of both). The website section is under construction and will not be updated until next week. Until then, you can email us via the contact page to arrange purchase. 

Again, apologies.

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