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As you are all aware, Brexit officially comes into force at midnight and the UK will no longer be part of the EU. There are two important changes to the way BAKKA can operate.

1. The Retail Export Scheme ends.

This was the arrangement whereby non EU residents could claim the VAT back on their purchases made in the UK.

2. How VAT is levied for EU residents.
For the next 6 months I will not be charging you VAT on your purchases. Instead, you will be asked to pay your countries’ VAT as an import tax before being delivered your parcel, ie your country will levy the tax, not the UK.
A new scheme (OSS) starts on 1 July and then I will start charging you the VAT again and I pay it to the EU authorities on your behalf.
Why this new scheme couldn’t start immediately is beyond me - they’ve had plenty of time to get it sorted out!

Hopefully all will run smoothly, only time will tell.

I am sad. VERY VERY SAD I remember the day the UK joined the EU. Full of hope and promise and ‘it should have been like this from the beginning’.
I just hope that what follows is merely an ‘AU REVOIR’ and not a ‘GOODBYE’.

The words of Auld Lany Syne will have more meaning than ever tonight. 🎼🥂

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