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We have had various requests for information about stockists in Shetland. A selection of BAKKA items is on sale in the Tourist Office in Lerwick, in the Shetland Textile Museum at Gremista and in the shop at the Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale. 

Also, BAKKA has obtained the necessary paperwork, and we will have a stall in Harrison Square, Lerwick (on the front next to the public toilets) on many of the days throughout the summer when there is a visiting cruise liner in port. Here you will be able to find the complete range of BAKKA products, and also some hand-knitted lace shawls in varying colors and sizes (while stocks last!). 

Otherwise, please see the VISIT section of the website for information about booking a visit to us at BAKKA.

We hope to see you at some point during your stay.


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