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The Making of BAKKA Creations

There are two distinct techniques used in the knitting of BAKKA garments, one for the heritage collection, and the second for the 2-colour collection. It is important to understand the difference between them as this explains the difference in the pricing of the goods.

How the heritage collection is made

These scarves and wristwarmers are knitted flat, not in the round or circle as they would be in hand-knitting. Most is plain knitting, and the ridges are formed by purl rows, or plain knitting reversed.  Because 2-colours are used at a time, the thread that is not being used is carried behind the knitting and forms a loose loop, or float. This float varies in length according to the actual pattern being knitted. The back of the finished piece is full of floats, and needs to be covered somehow to avoid snagging. So the pieces are carefully joined together along the side seam to form a tube with all the floats on the inside.

This is sufficient for the scarves, but the wristwarmers need to be lined with plain-knitting so that the floats are completely hidden. Otherwise fingers or rings could get caught up in the floats.
The scarves are left as a tube, with a small hem at each end, so that the owner of the scarf can dry it on a frame, if desired, after washing.

How the 2-colour collection is made

The creations in this collection are made using the technique known as double knitting in hand-knits, or tubular jacquard in machine-knits. Both needle beds of the machine are used here. The piece is knitted simultaneously on the front and back beds, with the yarn crossing over and interlocking at every colour change. The knitted piece has the same pattern on the front and back, but the colours are reversed, like a mirror image. This is best seen on scarf T894 in family 4). You can see clearly that the middle section on one side is predominately blue with white polka dots, but is white with blue dots on the other side. The knitted fabric is thicker than the single jersey fabric of the heritage collection, and it is solid - you cannot pull the front and back apart.

For the scarves, only one end needs to be finished. This is done so that it resembles the machine-knitted beginning of the piece as closely as possible. The wristwarmers need this one end finished, and also the sides need to be sewn together to make a (reversible) tube.


Most of the BAKKA creations are knitted on a fine-gauge machine with 12 stitches to 1 inch. They are finished at a gauge of 14 stitches to 1 inch. The heavier 2-ply are knitted on medium-gauge machine of 7 stitches to 1 inch, and finished at 9 stitches to 1 inch. We at BAKKA take great care to ensure that the seams are perfectly accurate. The Fair Isle pattern of the heritage collection must continue flawlessly over the sown seam without a break.

Work as delicate as this obviously takes time. And it is the time needed for these finishings which largely explain the prices of the products.

Technical information: the heritage collection cannot be machine-knitted in the round to avoid the need for the joining of the side seams because the industrial machine which knits in the round only knits plain rows - it cannot knit purl rows.