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Design-Nation's 20Makers, 20Objects, 2020

20 Makers, 20 Objects

In 2020 Design-Nation celebrated twenty years of championing and supporting the UK’s incredibly talented and multifaceted design and craft sector. Their objective of bolstering business opportunities and creative development initiatives across the sector is more important than ever. They believe that showcasing the diversity of the UK’s craft and design talent is critical during these unprecedented times.

In their landmark project, ‘20 Makers, 20 Objects’, they curated an online showcase that celebrated selected signature pieces of design from their network. Incorporating a wide array of materials and practices, ‘20 Makers, 20 Objects’ demonstrated some of the most innovative and enduring artworks and products that their members have created to date.


BAKKA was delighted to be featured in the exhibition with our flagship scarf, design 1, and its well-loved 5-coloured design.

More information about the exhibition can be found on Design-Nation's website.